We are currently conducting all appointments remotely by telehealth (or phone if telehealth is not available) as a means of providing services to our patients.  Please review the information below and contact the office, if you have not already, to inform staff about your preferred appointment method.  All patients using telehealth for their visits will need to complete the Informed Consent for Telehealth Services form (click here).

The Pisgah Institute utilizes the telehealth platform called Zoom, a secure and HIPAA compliant service.   Zoom is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a camera and video sharing capabilities.   To save a few minutes at your scheduled appointment time, please download the application to the device you will be using ahead of time.   For smartphones/tablets, this can be done by visiting the App Store and downloading the application titled “Zoom Cloud Meeting.”   For laptop/desktop computers, this can be done by visiting www.zoom.us/download.

You do not need to “sign in” or do anything else in the application ahead of time.   At the time of your scheduled appointment, you will receive an e-mail from your provider with a secure link to join them in the session.   The application will automatically open (if already downloaded) and prompt you to enter your name and allow for the sharing of audio and video.   The appointment can then be conducted as if you were sitting across the office from one another.

Zoom Patient Instructions

If you do not have access to the type of device required for Zoom sessions, your provider will still be able to “meet” with you at the appointment time for a phone consultation. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate the best way to protect our staff, providers, and patients during this time of uncertainly.