The Pisgah Institute is happy to provide a range of psychological assessment services. Diagnostic clarification assessments provide insight into potential diagnoses and help develop effective treatment plans. Testing can clarify if someone may be experiencing:  more than common mood fluctuations; attentional concerns; symptoms of autism spectrum disorder; trauma; anxiety disorders; depression; personality differences; and/or other emotional dysfunctions.  Additionally, testing can discern behavioral patterns and levels of functioning that may be impeding everyday activities. Psychoeducational assessments can discern if a student may be experiencing learning differences that could require specific remediations and accommodations to their educational programs to allow for optimal learning. Career assessments guide individuals toward potential vocations that fit certain personality patterns and strengths. The Pisgah Institute clinicians strive to work with patients to find answers and insights that will encourage appropriate planning to reach meaningful goals. 

If you are current patient of The Pisgah Institute and interested in a diagnostic clarification or psychoeducational assessment, please contact your current provider, or discuss at your next scheduled appointment.   If you are not yet established with the practice, but interested in testing services, please have your current clinical provider fax a referral to the office at 828-250-0890.  You may alternately complete the Self Referral for located here.  Patients are encouraged to interact with their insurance carriers to see if psychological testing is a covered service.  We do provide a private pay rate as well.